So I’ve recently been using Liqui Moly products for my car as well as hubby’s car and also around the house. I must say I’m quite impressed with Liqui Moly’s products.

Hubby was over excited about the products especially the LM 40, which is a multi-purpose product. It is used As lubrication to prevent rusting, stop squeaks and displace water to prevent wet connections in your engine.

We used it on our outside electronic gate and it worked like a bomb! Got results Immediately!

Hubby also used it on our compactum, as the draw was giving us issues. He even used it for the batteries in my sons remote control car. The batteries were corroded and the LM40 cleaned it up. As easy as that! And yes it worked  thereafter 🙂  

The Super K spray works great for the interior of your vehicle. I haven’t been spending much time cleaning my cars interior due to lock down and having a newborn, so I had some built up dirt in my cup holders and around those areas. I literally just sprayed and wiped it and the sticky mess was gone.

It’s a deep cleaning solution which removes old clogged up dirt. So it worked out perfectly for my car!

What’s great is that It can also be used on surfaces inside the house as well.

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We also recently tried the Marder Spray. Hubby used this for..his Bakkie’s engine. Its a really great way to keep the rats and mice  at bay.

In cold weather, a car is a source of heat for mice, rats, squirrels, woodchucks and opossums. They actually crawl in the engine to keep warm and chew on the car’s wiring while in there, causing havoc on the electrical system. And the engine gets damaged.
We have not personally experienced such a tragedy but prevention is always best! 

I’ve really been impressed by the Liqui Moly products! Even my son enjoyed using them haha! Liqui Moly is definitely our Super Hero! 



You can head over to their WEBSITE  or INSTAGRAM