I am very fussy when it comes to my hair and what I use or put on it. I have always looked after my hair and didn’t mind spending a bit extra for good quality products. I love products which leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and silky, but not all products gives that. Even the most expensive products can leave my hair feeling thick, dull and sometimes oily, like there is still left over product in my hair. So i always just stuck with products I know works best on my hair, which unfortunately was only a few.

My hair took a downward turn after I got myself a Sombre  (almost like an ombre but more natural looking) about a year ago, and then pregnancy on top of that created a DISASTER! My hair became brittle and kept on breaking, which then led to MAJOR SPLIT ENDS!! I felt Horrible! I decided to try new products to help get my hair look healthy, shiny and silky again, but most of them just made my hair feeling oily, especially serums. I could never find a serum that did not make my hair look oily. I tried so many brands for split ends, damaged hair, or just for moisture, but all the serums and leave in treatments left an oily look, I man I literally had to use less that a drop, which clearly wouldn’t work for the length and thickness of my hair.

I was recently introduced to SEBASTIAN DARK OIL LIGHTWEIGHT RANGE. Again, at first I didn’t have any expectations as i have always been disappointed with regards to hair products for myself.! However I knew the men’s range was great as I was sent some products for hubby, dad and my brother to try out. and the men’s range blew me me away. We all loved it, well I loved it on them lol  (some of you might remember my beard oil review for Hubby). So I was excited to try out the Female Hair Range, which I never knew existed to be honest.

I have been using it for a few months now… and I must say .. WOW! Its AMAZING! Its PERECT for my hair! This range is absolutely Flawless… I mean the packaging is even amazing, So elegant and pretty. The products I used was the Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair mask, hair silkening fragrance mist and hair serum. The Hair serum was definitely my favorite and the most used product was the hair fragrance mist. The products made my hair smell AMAZING, which lasted until my next wash (3-4 days) .

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Hubby kept on complimenting my hair with every wash and he LOVED the smell. What I loved most about this range is that it left my hair feeling fresh, soft and light, even after applying the serum. My hair felt amazing, as if it was naked! haha! If your hair could be naked, that is what it would feel like. Light, Fresh, soft and so incredibly SMOOTH… as if there was no products applied to it. The serum absorbs great and leaves absolutely no oily texture behind. The fragrance mist adds shine and boosts the smell more, as if you adding hair cologne! Its also a great way to keep the hair fresh between washes, almost like a dry shampoo but so much better. The hair mask I only used once a month or once every 2 months as its a treatment for the hair and honestly doesn’t need to be used often, since the Shampoo and Conditioner does wonders already.

I am so glad I was introduced to these products, definitely one of my top hair products and if you like your hair feeling light, soft and smooth… then this range is for you too!


To get your own Sebastian Dark Oil LightWeight range head over to SEBASTIAN WEBSITE to SHOP ONLINE or to find out more info!  Or you can give them a follow on their INSTAGRAM to stay up to date.