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Dream Hearts SA making Kids Dreams come true!

As we all know toddlers love fun activities which they can enjoy. On the other hand, us moms want our kids to learn new things and have them challenge their little minds. That is why I love educational and creative toys as it allows room for both. Wooden toy puzzle toys encourages them to think and follow a sequence of … Read More

The Secret to WEIGHTLESS Hair

I am very fussy when it comes to my hair and what I use or put on it. I have always looked after my hair and didn’t mind spending a bit extra for good quality products. I love products which leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and silky, but not all products gives that. Even the most expensive products can … Read More

Liqui Moly

So I’ve recently been using Liqui Moly products for my car as well as hubby’s car and also around the house. I must say I’m quite impressed with Liqui Moly’s products. Hubby was over excited about the products especially the LM 40, which is a multi-purpose product. It is used As lubrication to prevent rusting, stop squeaks and displace water … Read More

Happy Skin Thanks to Happy Events

Happy Event is a legacy brand with a history that spans 5 decades. For over 50 years this brand has been trusted by many woman (including my mom) to help them take care of their bodies by preventing and reducing stretch marks. For my first pregnancy I used CellTone (before and after my pregnancy).. and it honestly worked wonders. I … Read More

Natures Delicacies

If you know me, you will know that I am always looking and buying healthy snacks for my son to eat. I don’t like giving him unhealthy sweets and chocolates. I don’t mind now and then on special occasions, but i prefer to stay away from it as much as possible. Having a fussy toddler makes it harder to get … Read More

Skinny Scoop Review

NUWHEY skinny scoop protein ice-cream Winter is here.. and for some reason I start craving  ice cream. If you didn’t know yet, I’m a big lover of Ice Cream! But with age comes caution lol, so I cannot just let go and indulge as much as I did or would like to without feeling guilty about it after. I have … Read More

The Groom Review

BEARD OIL BY SEB MAN The GROOM, which is a hair and beard oil from SEB Man is a must have for all Dads who have beards! The first 2 things which blew me away was the smell, which is absolutely divine and the texture is just really great. A beard oil, which literally absorbs instantly without leaving hands oily … Read More

Silicone Cup from Silicone Depot

The SILICONE CUP What i love about this silicone cup, besides the fact that it is silicone and BPA Free, is that it can be big for mommy and small for the little one, making it really convenient for me. It folds into a small cute little cup for my little one. If you did not know already, paper cups … Read More