What i love about this silicone cup, besides the fact that it is silicone and BPA Free, is that it can be big for mommy and small for the little one, making it really convenient for me. It folds into a small cute little cup for my little one.

If you did not know already, paper cups are not healthy for you or your children, so it’s always good to invest in some good silicone cups. Not only are they better for your health but they also much easier for the little ones to handle as they unbreakable. They can also be heated up safely unlike plastics.

My silicone cup is from Silicone Depot, which is an environmentally conscious company that imports and sells reusable silicone products offering eco-friendly solutions to their customers.

These cups come in different colours to choose from (my favourite being the avo green) and the price ranges from R145-R185.

Silicone Depot is currently having a LOCKDOWN SPECIAL on their Silicone straws, which are also quite handy for the kids! They re-usable, unbreakable and foldable and prevent chipped teeth and gums. They also come in lovely colours, like mine, which might I add goes perfectly with my kitchen!!