The New Drive By Baby shower trend allows you to celebrate your pregnancy with loved ones while still staying safe during the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

I have had my own fair share of a full on pregnancy experience during a global pandemic. I must admit it has been quite a challenge. If you are also a mom-to-be, you probably have had a few weeks to process this new change of lifestyle which we all have had to adapt to. Being pregnant is a risk for covid infection as our immune systems are compromised. And if that is not stressful enough, we have to worry about new birthing regulations, fewer prenatal appointments and the possibility of having to cancel our baby showers. But just because you won’t be having the Baby Shower you originally envisioned doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate your new bundle of joy at all. A Drive-by Shower is definitely an inventive concept to spring out of the need for social distancing and has been followed by many celebrities globally. 

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I have recently had my First Drive-By-Baby Shower at 38 Weeks, which was organized by my friend. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on having a baby shower due to the pandemic, as I was trying to maintain social distancing and keeping my family safe. At first I did not know what to expect… A drive by Baby Shower? I had never heard about this before! But after time went by, I slowly started grasping the concept and seeing how popular the Drive By showers became. I actually came to like the idea quite a lot.

We sent out Digital Drive By Invites, which you can easily find pre-designed on the internet or mobile apps and customize them. Most of our friends and family were more than welcome to be part of the Drive By. Some even decorated their cars with balloons. I decided to go with a blue theme and keep it small and cute.


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My decor was from Pearl Events, Mammas Flowers & Imbali Blooms. We got amazingly creative and thoughtful Thank You gifts and as well as some yummy treats from Pots About Plants, Truly Good, Sweet Little Things, Angeliq Gifts, Gourmet Treats, The Cupcakery And Snazzy Cakes. Last but not least I had 2 beautiful and delicious cakes from Pretty Baked and Firdaus’s Frosty Bites. We set up the tables outside in our drive way, and let friends and family come in one by one, sanitizing by the entrance& wearing a mask, drop off presents, Take a pic and collect their Thank you Gift. My Drive By Shower lasted about 2 hours in total and I was so glad it ended quick as I was extremely exhausted. It was a beautiful experience and I recommend a Drive By to all Expecting Moms.

The best ways to be safe during a pandemic-time baby shower is to ensure social distancing, require mask wearing, and keep the crowd small. As difficult as it may be to accept that you can’t have your dream baby shower with all of your friends and typical games, safety is paramount for the mom-to-be as well as any guests.



TIPS TO HOST/ THROW We are  all new to this, and there are no Rules regarding the set up and procedure of a Drive By. Remember It’s all about making you smile, feel loved and special. If you want to try out a drive-by baby shower, or if you are mom-to-be’s bestie and would like to throw something special for her, follow these tips to make it a success. 

  • Weather – make sure you are following the weather for the day you plan on having the Baby Shower. 
  • Notify Guests – Send out invites with all important info and details on them and include a window period for guests to arrive, instead of having them come by randomly throughout the day, as this can end up being extremely exhausting. 
  • Set the mood – decorate the front lawn, set up the tables and mom-to-be chair before it starts. 
  • Be Creative – Asks guests to decorate their cars and dress to theme. You can even have them playing music from their cars. 
  • Designate a photographer / Video person – it’s vital to capture these moments. The way you would like to go about it is entirely up to you. You can either set up a quick photo section where guests can take a quick pic with mom-to-be or have someone video the entire Drive By experience. 
  • Be informative – make sure the guests understands that they should keep a safe distance from mom-to-be, they should arrive with their mask and sanitizer before entry. Gifts should be dropped off and allocated to a specific area. 
  • Thank You Gifts – Make sure that all thank you gifts and treats are take away and easy to be packed. 
  • Opening Presents – plan a zoom call for mom to unwrap all gifts and giving her a chance to thank everyone. This is best done the following day so mom can get her rest.  


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Are you planning a Baby Shower Soon? 

I have an amazing GIVEAWAY COMPETITION for one lucky MOM-TO-BE to help her feel special and help create a beautiful Baby Shower during these tough times. 

Prize to the value of R10 000 includes: 

  1. Gifts from Imbali blooms
  2. Treats from Angeliq Gifts & Gourmet Treats
  3. Pot Plant Pots from Pots About Plants 
  4. Truffle Balls from Sweet Little Things
  5. Gifts from Pearl Events
  6. Voucher from The Cupcakery